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The individual professional partnerships in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden are exclusively responsible for the information on the respective locations and the individual professionals. The professional partnerships indicated below are jointly responsible for any further information that, independently from the individual partnerships, refers to the web presence under www.fuhrmann-wallenfels.de as a whole. The locations of the professional partnerships, including their addresses and e-mail addresses, as well as the respective competent professional associations are as follows:


Rechtsanwälte Partnergesellschaft

Kurfürstendamm 224
10719 Berlin

Phone +49 (30) 884 49 60
Fax +49 (30) 881 71 03

Relevant trade association:
Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin
Littenstr. 9
10719 Berlin

Regulations under professional law for lawyers


Regulations under professional law for tax consultants

(the texts of the relevant regulations under professional law can be found under www.bstbk.de under the "Downloads" section)

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Responsible for the editorial content of the web presence www.fuhrmann-wallenfels.de Mr. Ralf-Michael Schulz, Lawyer; contact via the professional partnership in Berlin.

Concept, realization and design

Goethestraße 2-3
10623 Berlin
Fon +49 30 - 2000 90 100
Fax +49 30 - 2000 90 199
Email mail@loom-berlin.com
Web www.loom-berlin.com