Fuhrmann Wallenfels „Spanish-Desk“, Cooperation Berlin- Marbella

With economic focus – exact working- legal success- efficient structure

Our Spanish-Desk is a cooperation between the Spanish law firm RCHlegal and our law firm. We advice and represent our clients in all important fields of German and Spanish economic and private law, specially focused in company law and commercial law, real estate issued, building and construction law and M&A.

When our clients decide to start their business projects in Germany or Spain, we also help them with all questions regarding matters immigration law.

Furthermore, our law firm in Berlin has a notary´s section with three notaries and competent staff at the disposal of our clients. This allows us to advice our clients in company law, real estate issues, inheritance law and family law, as well as contractual law and all relevant questions in cross border transactions

Our Spanish-Desk is formed by Lawyers with a huge experience in legal issues between Spain and Germany. Our lawyer Mr. Marco Kläring , LL.M (CWSL, San Diego), who is also specialist lawyer in company law, is responsible our German Desk in Berlin. The Spanish-Desk in Spain is run by the German lawyer Mr. Christian Hofer, Member 6074 of the Malaga Bar Association

Our “Spanish-Desk” is an important support for our German and Spanish clients in their corresponding homecountries. Spanish companies receive qualified advice already in Spain to start their activities in Germany.

Fuhrmann-Wallenfels “Spanish-Desk” offers the following legal services:

  • Company formation proceedings
  • Public title deeds through our notaries (corporate, real estate, succession)
  • All important administrative work to build up business in Germany and Spain
  • Obtaining of all permissionsLegal Analysis, consulting and due dilligence of your business case according to national market skills
  • Company agreements, corporate-, labour-, lease-, agent-, distribution-, , real estate-, rental-, franchise- contracts
  • Immigration questions
  • Patents and trade marks, unfair competition matters
  • Consulting in rental and property matters and real estate transactions,
  • Litigation, Arbitration
  • Cross border debt collection in Germany and Spain